Unfettered Thinking


Me: (On the sofa imparting some tidbit of information found on Twitter that I considered mildly interesting)

Joe: (in nearby chair looking upward toward ceiling)

Me: “Did you hear me?”

Joe: (looking at ceiling)

Me: “Joe, are you even listening to me?”

Joe: (still seemingly focused on ceiling) “No”


Me: “Should I repeat it?”

Joe: “No”

Me: (considering)

Me: “You seem distracted. What’s on your mind?”

Joe: (deigning to look at me) “You’re distracting. I’m just thinking.”

Me: (now curious) “about what?”

Joe: “Why are you peppering me with questions? You’re like a machine gun with questions.”

Me: (!) Wow, are you OK?

Joe: “Yes, I’m OK. Can’t a guy do some unfettered thinking without getting a million questions?”

Me: “Unfettered thinking?”

Joe: “Yes, unfettered thinking” (leaves chair and goes upstairs to, presumably, do some unfettered thinking)

Me: (resumes scrolling)

Published by Anna

Newly retired and wondering what's next. Musing, rambling, ranting and laughing at myself.

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