Saturday Notes


I admit that I was worried about what Trump may do between the election and Biden’s inauguration but sending goons to storm the Capitol with intent to execute lawmakers was not on my bingo card. It’s taken this long for details to emerge and for the seriousness of the act to sink in – and we’re still learning. I’m not going to rehash the event or offer any insight as to why, how, or even a WTH, as I’m sure anyone who has been tuned into the news has already asked those questions and heard scores of pundits offer their own two cents. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to stay away from the news for at least a few hours today.

It’s a beautiful day here in central FL – cool, sunny, and breezy. Neighbors are walking, biking, and out working in yards. Joe is at an outdoor chili cook-off and Ralphie and I are cuddled on the sofa. I’m looking forward to a bowl of award-winning chili later if things go his way. In any case, a good bowl of chili.

I’ve grown used to my slow, uneventful pandemic life and sometimes I wonder if “getting back to normal” will be any different. I haven’t missed work, people, or social events as much as I had anticipated. (Missing my far-away daughters doesn’t count.) I guess I’m more of an introvert than I realized. Other things I’ve pondered since being in virtual lockdown since last March:

  1. Looking forward to the weekend is no longer a thing.
  2. Zooming has lost it’s charm.
  3. Where does all this dust come from?
  4. When will someone invent a self-cleaning toilet?
  5. Buying shoes on-line has not been a great success.
  6. Blogging is a challenge when you have nothing to report.

Enjoy this pic of Ralphie and Louise, my pandemic companions.

Saturday sleep in

Published by Anna

Newly retired and wondering what's next. Musing, rambling, ranting and laughing at myself.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Notes

  1. I’m surprised there are still things such as chili cook-offs, even outdoors. I guess the safety restrictions are more robust in California? Anyway, I hope your husband does well. Oh, and #3… where does that dust come from? I think the lower position of the sun makes it more obvious (at least that’s my excuse).

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  2. Ha! restrictions? Florida has NO restrictions. Our Gov. believes in Trump’s herd immunity. Or, rather, believes in Trump’s influence much like Cruz, Hawley and our own senator, Rick Scott. Gov. Ron DeSantis has great ambition within the GOP.) As to dust: I’ll go with your sun explanation, but that doesn’t explain the origin or the abundance. (Maybe I don’t really want to know.) 🙂

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