Nevertheless, She Persisted

Trigger warning: There is a photo of a spider at the end of this post. I haven’t yet named her. Charlotte would be the obvious choice but I’m thinking of something that would more reflect her determination. Elizabeth, after Elizabeth Warren. Let’s call her Lizzie. Lizzie has been around for at least 2 years. I […]

Time Flies

…when you’re on vacation. The days whiz by and never seem to leave time for their full appreciation until they’re over. At least it seems that way when it’s the first time you’ve been able to be with your nearest and dearest for 2 years. There were 6 of us – my daughters, my nieces […]

Writing In My Sleep

The other night I had a dream in which I was writing a story. I was writing on a yellow legal pad (which I often do in waking life) and the unusual thing about this dream is that I could actually read it back. Normally, whenever I’m reading something in a dream the letters change […]

Deeply Concerned

Politicians say this phrase so often it’s become meaningless. In fact, according to Urban Dictionary, it now actually means the opposite: An expression used in PR, especially political, when the person or organization is expected to care about a situation and comment on it, but: 1) They don’t actually give a shit, because the situation in […]

Listen Up, You

I recently had a good, long talk with myself and after some initial excuses and denials, we agreed it was time to commit to health and self-improvement. This confrontation has been a long time coming and although difficult, I’m glad we finally hashed it out and came up with an action plan we can agree […]

Whatever I Want!

I’ve now been out socially a few times meeting with other vaccinated friends in outdoor dining situations. It has been wonderful catching up with friends and co-workers after over a year of lockdown. One of the first things my still-working friends ask is, “What are you doing now that you’re retired?” I should have been […]

A Florida Native

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my mother-in-law, Ida. She passed away about 10 years ago and I miss her. She was an extraordinary person and a rarity in Florida – a Florida native. She left Florida for graduate school, married and raised her 4 kids in New Jersey but always knew she would return to […]

Beating the Heat

4/8/21 “I don’t do well in the heat” – my mom, circa 1960’s. She said it often and anyone who knew her well knew the truth of the statement. On occasion growing up, one of us girls would comment, “uh oh, momma’s getting hot,” and we would react accordingly which meant getting out of her […]

Fear of Normal

It was this week last year that I began working from home. There was definitely a learning curve as I grappled with online platforms and learning strategies. How was I supposed to be a school librarian from home? How could I help struggling students and teachers when they were dealing with the same technical and […]